Жесткие диски WDC Hitachi HGST

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Отзывы и вопросы покупателей

Жесткий диск 3.5" 4TB WDC Hitachi HGST (0B36040 / HUS726T4TALE6L4)

Винт хороший. Покупался на NAS сервер. Все работает на 5+. Обслуживание в магазине норм. Заказ выполнили быстро. В общем доволен. Спасибо

Жесткий диск 3.5" 10TB WDC Hitachi HGST (0F27454 / HUH721010ALE604)

Possibly the only review that you will see in English here - this hard drive lived up to all of its high expectations and is a much welcomed asset to my Mac Pro rig. But I should mention the service received from ITbox was exceptional, even with our language differences, they provided excellent support and fast delivery (courier arrived with a credit card terminal for my payment). Thank you!